Eastern Idaho identified as one of the best places to view the August 21, 2017's total solar eclipse

  • August 21, 2017 - Total Solar Eclipse
Event Location: 
Eastern Idaho

According to Astronomy Magazine (cs.astronomy.com), the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse will be the first in the continental U.S. in 38 years. Everyone in the US will see a partial eclipse, but Ashton, Idaho is lucky enough to lie on the center line where totality can be observed for 1 minute and 34 seconds with partial phase starting at 10:16 (MDT), and totality scheduled at 11:34:12AM.

Astronomy Magazine offers an exciting description of what to expect of the other worldly experience. "Although the big payoff is the exact lineup of the Sun, the Moon, and your location, keep your eyes open during the partial phases that lead up to and follow it. As you view the beginning through a safe solar filter, the universe will set your mind at ease when you see the Moon take the first notch out of the Sun’s disk. Around the three-quarters mark, you’ll start to notice that shadows are getting sharper. The reason is that the Sun’s disk is shrinking, literally approaching a point, and a smaller light source produces better-defined shadows. At about 85 percent coverage, someone you’re with will see Venus 34° west-northwest of the Sun. If any trees live at your site, you may see their leaves act like pinhole cameras as hundreds of crescent Suns appear in their shadows."

"Depending on your surroundings, as totality nears you may experience strange things. Look. You’ll notice a resemblance to the onset of night, though not exactly. Areas much lighter than the sky near the Sun lie all around the horizon. Shadows look different. Listen. Usually, any breeze will dissipate and birds (many of whom will come in to roost) will stop chirping. It is quiet. Feel. A 10°–15° F drop in temperature is not unusual."

A map of the center line of totality can be seen here along with specific timing details: http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/communities/states/ID/Ashton_26.htm

If you are making travel plans to experience 2017's total solar eclipse, consider making Ashton, Idaho your destination! From campgrounds to cabins, there are many lodging options available (see our Lodging members here to check availability). At the time of this writing, rooms are already being reserved with 3 day minimum stays being imposed during this celestial event. That gives you a perfect excuse to experience Ashton, Idaho and the surrounding Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The 2017 running of the Grand Teton Relay will be held the previous weekend and the Mesa Falls Marathon will be the following weekend on August 26th. Why not register for the Mesa Falls Marathon or Grand Teton Relay and make one of these exciting events part of your sky gazing vacation plans?

The Ashton Chamber of Commerce is truly thankful that mother nature has blessed our town with being a place to experience the 2017 total solar eclipse. Come experience it with us! It will be your last chance to experience totality in the U.S. until April 24, 2024!