Reinke Grain

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301 Main Street
Ashton, ID 83420

Our featured business this week houses themselves in the little brown hut that sits on your left as you come into town. This is a staple in Ashton. Reinke Grainhas been serving Ashton for over 67 years. They buy and sell commodities. They are very busy during August and September with grain harvest. When spring approaches they are ready to sell their stock of wheat and barley. They do this part every spring to empty their silos so they are ready to fill them up come August during grain harvest again. They focus everyday on providing the highest market for our Ashton farmers and pride themselves on making sure the demand is high for the products we grow in Ashton!  So if you are a farmer and are in need of some wheat or barley, give Dave or Chris a call today at 652-7449, or you can stop by their unique looking building and they’ll be glad to help you with your farming needs!