Atchley Accountant Services

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PO Box 241
Ashton, ID 83420

Lonnie Atchley started his business back in 1997. But he traveled a long road before coming to this point! In 1966 he earned a degree in business from the University of Idaho. Following this accomplishment he went to San Antonio in 1971, where he attended St. Mary’s University, he graduated from there with a MBA. Following his graduation, he worked for the Federal Government in the Civil Service for 22 years where he retired early. Following this endeavor he moved to South Carolina where he opened his own small accounting firm for 3 years. He returned to Ashton in 1996 and began doing books for his cousin Clen Atchley and Flying A Ranch. Lonnie is currently the North Fremont Canal System’s assistant secretary. He does a limited amount of taxes since he is not a CPA, but does help some. He does other secretarial work, and enjoys sharing financial advice with friends who are looking for ideas. He is married to Kathy and together they enjoy their six children who are scattered around the country. To contact Lonnie you may call him at 652-3332.