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3349 Hwy 20
Ashton, ID 83420

Back in 1959, Brent Hendricks from Ashton, started drilling. His brother married a driller’s daughter and at the time was looking for help, so Brent took the job. Then in 1977 Brent started Independent Drilling in Blackfoot. Since the age of 12, Brent’s son Rod has been on a cable tool drilling rig and that is how his 35 years experience began. 1995 was the year a partnership was formed between Brent, Rod, and Rod’s brother-in-law Kelly. In 2001, they opened a shop on HWY 20 in what locals recall as the veterinarian clinic. Independent Drilling, INC. now has three locations: Blackfoot, Soda Springs, and Ashton. Independent Drilling, INC. basically deals with anything with the clean side of the water. They do well drilling, pump repair, filtration, water softeners, and have even manufactured a hand pump for EPS (emergency pump system) for all of us that like to be on the prepared side of life’s challenges! They are always willing to help with any concerns you may have with your water and offer free water samples of your water if you have concerns. They are open and ready to answer any questions you may have related to water, and are willing to offer any counsel on water problems. Rod is readily available to assist you with any water questions you may have. Independent Drilling, INC. prides themselves of the service they offer and are ready to assist you today. Give them a call at their Ashton office @ 652-3799, or you can call Rod in Blackfoot @ 684-3788