Big Jud's Diner

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HWY 20
Ashton, ID 83420

Are you tired of being the cook at home? Well, maybe you need a night off? Get on over to Big Jud’s Diner!They’ve been in business for nearly 20 years. Owner Todd Bossard has made this business a favorite of the locals. He also is a great person to call when you have a party to cater. Just have Todd cook your meat for you, roast beef, pulled pork, you name it, Todd will make it good. Todd has recently taught his son Jordan the trade of running the business, as Todd has recently taken a position at the Ashton Living Center as Head Nurse. Jordan is doing a great job filling his dad’s shoes and making sure the gourmet burgers are at their best! Big Jud’s is famous for their 1lb. burger and each patty is weighed individually so no one is jipped in any way! And you have got to love their fresh cut fries made from Ashton grown potatoes and dipped in their delicious fry sauce! Can’t stay long, order your lunch or dinner to go. Just call 652-7806. They are open 11-10pm in the summer Mon.-Sat. and 11-9 in the winter.