El Rincón

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514 Main St
Ashton, ID 83420

El Rincón is Jesus Nunez’s second restaurant. When Jesus came to America in 1989 he began working in a restaurant and new that is where he belonged. This was his American dream! Four years ago, Jesus opened El Jaliciense in St. Anthony. El Rincón serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. El Rincón offers 3 very affordable and delicious breakfast specials, ranging from a simple hash browns, eggs and bacon, to French toast, and number 3 including pancakes with 2 eggs, and bacon or sausage for a low price of $5.19 for either special. There is a full breakfast menu as well. Daily lunch specials are offered from 11-3, followed by daily dinner specials from 3-9pm. Friday & Saturday El Rincón is opened until 10. So when everyone else have snuck their way home for the night, you can go and enjoy some yummy chips, salsa, & beans or a yummy fried ice-cream or some flan. This is a great idea for a nice date or a well deserved treat from surviving your day. So, go out and treat yourself to a wonderful meal at El Rincón or call for an order to go at 652-7225 today!