Snow Buzzz

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We are a shaved ice shack called the Snow Buzzz and we offer a fun variety of flavors and fun things to choose from to add to your snow treat.

For years and years McKall Stronks has wanted to work in or own a snow shack. She’s not even sure at what point this became an idea or desire for that matter, but when she mentioned it to her husband, Jeff, he was so willing to do whatever to make it happen. McKall then mentioned her crazy kooky idea to her mom, so her mom asked a friend of hers that owns a bunch of snow shacks down in Texas how it all works. Then her mom relayed what she learned with McKall, and the rest they say is history.  Jeff and McKall started looking at places to put the shack and what building to have the business in. They really were just trying to figure out all their options. Finalizing those decisions, they finalized having Snow Shack supply their snow cone product. Jeff and McKall then thought about approaching Karie Anne’s in Rexburg. McKall was so excited when Karie Anne’s was willing to give them permission to try selling their product at Snow Buzzz. Since last summer’s sales proved that Karie Anne’s was a great success at the Snow Buzzz, they have signed on with Snow Buzzz to letting them  permanently have there amazing product at Snow Buzzz.

The business name of Snow Buzzz was fun to create. Jeff and McKall had a bunch of ideas, but the decision ultimately came down to one that would allow for a fun logo and marketing. Because McKall’s parents have had honey bees her entire life, this became the inspiration for the name of the business, the logo, and their flavors. All of Snow Buzzz flavor combo names are a “bee” related term in some fashion or another.

Karie Anne’s is a form of shaved ice, but it’s smooth and soft. There are 8 regular flavors each week of the Italian ice: green apple, strawberry, pina colada, tiger’s blood, mango, peach, red raspberry, and blue raspberry. They also have two regular flavors of custard each week, chocolate and vanilla. They alternate every week a new ice flavor and a new custard flavor which makes it fun to have a surprise each week for their Snow Buzzz customers!

Snow Buzzz is opened Monday-Saturday 12-9pm. They are closed on Sundays. Currently, until school is released next Friday, June 1, the business hours are Mon.-Thurs. 3-8pm, Fri.-Sat. 2-8pm.

Jeff and McKall appreciate the support of the community and are excited to serve you their yummy, cool and refreshing treats this summer from Snow Buzzz!