Forever Blooming

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406 Main St
Ashton, ID 83420

Forever Blooming opened last spring in May in the front of the Chocolate Moose on Main Street. Six years ago Rebecca Siddoway was working at Rexburg Floral and then decided to take a summer off. During this time she realized what she really wanted to do and considered her options. After all was said and done, she de-cided to remodel her mother-in-law’s home in Teton and convert some of the rooms into a space where she could run her own floral shop. Well by the time she had finished she claims she got a little carried away and remodeled the entire home into a full-service floral and gift shop with a greenhouse in the back.

Not only is Rebecca the proud owner of her new found love with Forever Blooming, she and her husband Steve have owned Moody Creek Insulation since 1999. They sell polyurethane insulation and they farm potatoes, wheat, barley, etc. They have two children. Their daughter is a pharmacist and their son farms with Steve. Their other delight is enjoying their three grandkids.

One of her many specialties she enjoys is decorating "Gobby Trees" also known as themed Christmas trees. She has an event at her shop in Teton called "Christmas Extravaganza" with many "Gobby Trees" for sale. Also, her family travels to Sandpoint each year to bring home real Christmas trees to sell in her greenhouse.

While talking with a friend she was informed that Ashton didn’t have a floral shop and started looking into space available for her to branch her business, Forever Blooming, into Ashton. April came along and she found a place to begin. She was set up and ready to go this Mother’s Day in the Chocolate Moose. She has some beautiful arrangements available on site, but is also ready to do what-ever you need her to with just a jingle on the phone or a text. She is hoping to expand and have a greenhouse available here in Ashton come next spring. She would also like to start branching into Ashton with her fun "Christmas Extrava-ganza" granted she is able to find the best place to display the trees.

Forever Blooming is a full service Floral & Gift Shop and a Greenhouse! Special-izing in flowers for funerals, weddings, dances, and everyday special occasions. Owner Rebecca Siddoway is excited to extend her business from Teton to Ashton and serve our community with her talented green thumb! She is also willing to plant your patio containers/pots or you can get some plants from their greenhouse and plant your own. She will deliver your order for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, or just thinking about you. Call her today @ 652-5000 or you can text her @ 390-8173!