Ashton Quick Stop

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921 N. HWY 20
Ashton, ID 83420


It is our pleasure to spotlight one of the newer assets to our community!  Almost 3 years ago Melvin Rudd came to town and purchased the building that used to be known as Valley Wide Travel Plaza and changed the name to Ashton Quick Stop. He has also added a Subwayto the convenient gas station that already is home to Hot Stuff Pizza. Connie Hansen is still managing the business and they have a really great staff! They also have all sorts of snacks and drinks for the road, including freshly baked cookies, cinna-babies, lots of fountain options, and fresh coffee. So whether you’re needing something to eat for your meal that day or just a fun snack for the road, Ashton Quick Stop has you covered! This is also the place to purchase your fun Idaho souvenirs and those Fish & Game licensesyou need to enjoy our beautiful rivers. So, we think it is time you make your way over to Ashton Quick Stop, fill your tank up with some Exon Gas, and get something yummy for your tummy. For pizza orders to go or for other inquires call them at 538-9088.They are located at 921 N. Hwy 20.