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700 N. 2nd Street
Ashton, ID 83420

Ashton Memorial Inc., a 501c3 company, was started in the 50’s by a group of Ashton citizens in order to provide medical care in North Fremont County. Here we are 65 years later still providing quality medical care for North Fremont County residents. Ashton Memorial Inc. operates Ashton Living Center, a Skilled Nursing Facility, Ashton Medical Clinic, Island Park Medical Clinic, Ashton Community Pharmacy and 2 programs in Idaho Falls area: The Counseling Clinic of YFRS and Gustafson House, a group foster home.

In June, Ashton Memorial Inc. purchased the Ashton Community Pharmacy from Bob and Suzann Comstock in order to make sure we always have a local pharmacy to serve our wonderful community. Ray Renouf accepted the position to become the Ashton pharmacist. Ray and Brittany purchased a house in Ashton for them and their 2 boys and 2 girls so they can be a part of the Ashton Community.

Ashton Medical Clinic is celebrating Roxanne Peters, PAC, and 1 year anniversary as our community practitioner. Roxi has been a marvelous addition to our community. Roxi brings medical knowledge and skills of the highest quality. We have found Roxi to be very caring and kind to all ages of patients in this family practice. Her orthopedics knowledge and care is exceptional. Roxi lives right here in Ashton. The staff at Ashton Medical Clinic enjoys serving our community and provides the best care in Southeast Idaho.

Ashton Living Center has recently received its 17th consecutive Jean Schoonover award.  This award is given to Skilled Nursing Facilities for their exceptional care. The nursing home continues to be an important part of Ashton’s economy and taking care of our beloved family members. Thank you to all those that have worked, lived or served at the Ashton Living Center over the past 35 years.

Ashton Memorial looks forward to serving, employing and providing excellent medical care to this community for many years to come.