Drs. Toenjes - Brizee and Orme Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

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204 Main St
Ashton, ID 83420

Dr. John Toenjes (or as the kids call him “Dr. John”) is ready to help you with many of your dental care needs! His office is open every Monday and Tuesday in Ashton. Located at 204 Main Street, Dr. John and his staff are ready to assist you and your family’s dental care. You can always count on him to hand out a toothbrush instead of candy at any Halloween event. Besides cleaning your teeth and fixing those cavities or root canals, in case you didn’t know he is also able to perform orthodontic needs, implants, clear correct braces, and lumineers. Dr. John also fluently speaks Spanish. So call Dr. John today and get your smile looking great. To make an appointment call 652-7868