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Ashton, ID 83420

In 1950, Richard and Stella Hummel built and opened what was then known as the “Four Seasons Motel”. It was very new and very beautiful. 3 years later Richard was killed in a car accident. Later Stella remarried and moved away, selling the motel to Steven and Della Davis in 1957. They lived at the motel and ran a successful business. They built 4 new units onto the building and operated the motel. In 1969, Steven & Della sold the motel to Ross & Thayle Wynn. Thayle’s sister, Cheryl Simpson managed the motel for a few years until they sold it to their son Paul Wynn around 1985. Paul and his wife Debbie ran the motel and raised their family their for about ten years. In 2009, Teton Mountain Innpurchased the motel and have since remodeled the “old Four Seasons Motel” into the comfy and cozy new Teton Mountain Inn. With 13 rooms available to rest in, Teton Mountain Innhas become a favorite among Mesa Falls Marathon runners and those driving on HWY 20 on their way to visit Yellowstone National Park. Teton Mountain Inn has 2 rooms with a king bed, 4 rooms with single queen beds, and 7 rooms with double queen beds. All the rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave, and the newest necessity...Wi-Fi. With Teton Mountain Innis right off the Highway and close to restaurants, Laundromat, and grocery/gas store; this is a great place to rest before your next adventure our lovely area has to offer you. So make Teton Mountain Inn your next place to rest as you make your vacation plans.

For reservations please call 208-652-7065. You may also visit their new website @ www.tetonmountaininn.com

Come Stay with us on your next adventure.

Teton Mountain Inn is located in a perfect location, just minutes away from great destinations.

Only 53 miles from Idaho Falls, 55 miles from Yellowstone National Park, 27 miles from Island Park, and 72 miles from Jackson Hole, WY.