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Playground Professionals began in the mind of Curtis Stoddard, an Ashton, Idaho playground contractor, around 2010. Since then the idea has grown to a large website and digital magazine dedicated to providing those involved with play and the playground industry with valuable information. In October of 2015, Jake Amen and Tate Schuldies purchased PGP from Curtis.

Word Up Designs also became WMD Solutions as a result of Tate and Jake's partnership. Jake still offers the same graphic design and web site services he always has, only under the new moniker of WMD (Web - Market - and Design). 

Look for great things to come from PGP and WMD!

Jake Amen, owner of WMD Solutions, LLC, (formerly Word Up Designs) recently decided to add the title of Play and Playground Magazine Publisher to his job description! Of course, this is a bit of self-promotion and mostly ceremonial. Despite that fact, he is very honored to assume the title.

Over the past 16 issues of this quarterly trade publication, his name has appeared in the ego box under the graphic design and webmaster sections. In fact, artwork that he had illustrated even began appearing in the magazine as far back as March 2002. He has been working furiously to ensure that the legacy of this publication will be preserved while continuing to be the authority on play structures, amenities, and industry trends! Now that he has granted himself the title of "Publisher," he vows to continue to work hard and play harder.

In addition, for the last year-and-a-half, Jake has been the graphic designer for "The Voice of Van Buren County," a weekly newspaper out of Clinton, Arkansas. This publication takes a huge amount of work each week to meet the 7AM Monday morning deadline.

Between these two large commitments, Jake continues to offer graphic design and web design/web maintenance services. He manages runner registrations for the Mesa Falls Marathon and works closely with the American Dog Derby. He also recently forged a business relationship with Precedence Growth Partners, an up-and-coming marketing firm in Idaho Falls. He is very honored to work with Precedence where he recently launched a beta version of ManstuffClassifieds.com and works with Grease Monkey Idaho locations, among other notable clients.

Jake would like to offer his sincere gratitude for the patience and support of all his local clientele, without whom he could not live, work, and raise his family in the area he loves.