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82 N. 7th Street
P.O. Box 413
Ashton, ID 83420

Have you ever had a dream and wondered if it was possible? Or, how about reaching a goal and wondering how you would be able to reach it? Well, that is exactly the story behind how Ashton Teton Fitness came to be. It all began as a dream! Growing up, Katherine always has enjoyed healthy eating and exercise. Because her dad is a doctor and her brothers all went to medical school, there was always “healthy talk” in her life. Katherine has always enjoyed dancing, Zumba, running, exercising, and helping with encouraging others to be their best self. When she and Billy moved to Ashton they began searching for a venue where her dream might come true. Then she started working for Farm Bureau and the dream was put on the back burner. During her employment at Farm Bureau she started having headaches and struggling to read. She told Billy and her dad one weekend. Then a new trial entered her life with brain tumors and brain surgery. Hence the dream was pushed back on the burner even further. Luckily, everything worked out. After this challenge they (Billy & Katherine Stronks) decided that life was too short to wait any longer and needed to do the things they loved. With the help of her father, they purchased Ghormley Mechanical’s old building in 2014. Billy’s vision of a gym for his sweetheart, made her dream come true. Two years later they opened Ashton Teton Fitnesson February 4, 2016.

Ashton Teton Fitness is a great addition to Ashton and covers many needs in our community. Plus, it added value to our businesses down town as they have made a vacant business into a new business! Some of the many things offered at the gym include a lot of cardio equipment, free weights, a cross-fit section, locker rooms, a steam room, a tanning bed, and 1500 square feet of group fitness room for Zumba, Yoga, Karate, Tumbling classes, etc. You can also rent the large space for special events, birthday parties, family get-togethers, etc. Possibilities are endless! They also have a retail place which is furnished by Teton Running and Sticks and Stones. So, no need to go “down the line” to buy workout clothes, gear, or shoes. They are all right here at Ashton Teton Fitness!

Katherine holds many certifications so that you can have a personal trainer if needed. She will also obtain her cross-fitness trainer certificate by the end of this month. She taught kick boxing in college and has always had a membership to a gym. Her and her dad Max have participated many times in our Mesa Falls Half-Marathon. Her dad’s first job was at Deseret Gym in Salt Lake City. He said, “I started my career in a gym and I’ll finish it in a gym.” This simply is another family bringing a love they have to the needs of Ashton and our community. Vickie, Katherine’s mom also enjoys the gym and helping those seniors that come and work out stay mobile, fall proof, and aiding with their aches and pains.

Ashton Teton Fitnessis excited to begin their BIGGEST LOSER competition this Saturday during their Grand Opening! The BIGGEST LOSER competition will be a three month long competition with many prizes along the way! The grand prize will be a portion of money from the pot that all participants put in to and a one year gym membership. The Grand OpeningforAshton Teton Fitness will be this Saturday, April 23rd from 10-2.They will have drawings and food during that time. So plan on coming Saturday and participating in the fun activities, eating, and signing up for a membership if you haven’t already. Ashton Teton Fitness is a state of the art facility and is only going to grow from here! Their business hours are Mon.-Thurs. 5:30am-9pm, Fri. 5:30am-7pm, & Sat. 5:30am-2pm. In the next couple of months they will be changing to a 24 hour gym, so watch for that to come!

Katherine and everyone at Ashton Teton Fitness would like to express appreciation to those in the community who have supported them through the wait and recent opening. They welcome any feedback so they can better serve the Ashton Area.

Also, check out their website for pricing and packages at for questions call 208-652-4000.