Ashton Community Foundation

Ashton Community Foundation

Over 13 years ago Ashton participated in a Community Review. From that study another group called Horizons was organized, and as that group finished their purpose they helped formed what is known now as the Ashton Community Foundation in April 2009. The Ashton Community Foundation is an organization headed by volunteers, who, through donations, help other organizations accomplish there goals in Ashton.

The Ashton Community Foundation mission statement is: “The mission for the Ashton Community Foundation is to embrace the quality of life for the residents of the greater Ashton Community. To accomplish this, the foundation aims to join with local organizations and individuals to receive specific and general funds as well as to provide accountability and distribute those funds.”

The Ashton Community Foundation has helped with many projects over the past decade. Some include: organizing G.E.M.S. and the flowers around town, the “Sports Park” (elementary ball fields), raising funds for new curtains at the Ashton Community Center, compiling and making an Ashton Cookbook, raising funds to purchase a new piano at the Ashton Living Center, benches for the pocket park, they raised funds to help the Fremont County Historical Society/Museum pay for their non-profit status, and did many renovations for the Ashton Community Center  before the Library district received ownership of the building. The Ashton Community Foundation is an “umbrella” for organizations that don’t have a non-profit status and provide a place to hold their monies raised for small projects. They also help with fundraisers and are available to help with grants. 

The Ashton Community Foundation’s slogan is: “Together we can build a better community.” 

If you would like more information or have any questions you may call Christine Dexter who is acting president of the Ashton Community Foundation at 208-652-3489.