North Fremont Education Foundation

North Fremont Education Foundation

The North Fremont Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides monetary support for the classrooms and teachers at Ashton Elementary and North Fremont Middle & Senior High Schools.  It was established in the spring of 1991 by a group of local patrons who wanted to provide supplementary support to the area schools. TheNorth Fremont Education Foundation meets every third Monday of the month at the North Fremont High School library at 5:30pm. Members work closely with the schools throughout the school year on fundraisers, grants, activities, money distribution, etc.

Some of the projects from past years include:

* Grand piano for the North Fremont Auditorium

* Graphing Math Calculators

* Art program at Ashton Elementary

* Library books

* Music instruments

* New Cross Country Skies at Ashton Elementary

* STEM Program at North Fremont Middle School

* Choral Acoustical Shell

* Wireless microphones for the Auditorium

* New projector for the North Fremont Auditorium

There are specific tax credits that benefit anyone who donates to the Education Foundation. The Idaho Tax Credit is 50% of your donation, up to $500 for single or $1000 for married filing joint returns.  The credit is deducted from the total income taxes you owe the State of Idaho. You also receive an additional tax reduction if you itemize your deductions.  For example, depending on the tax bracket and itemize deductions, a $1000 donation could result in only $276.00 of out of pocket expense!

One of the more popular fundraising events is the annual dinner theater that is held in conjunction with the high school spring musical. One hundred percent of the monies raised will go directly back into the classrooms of the Ashton area schools. The N.F. Education Foundation appreciates the community support for this event and looks forward to seeing everyone there!