H M Construction

H M Construction

Eighteen years ago Doug and Charlotte Hillam had the opportunity to stop farming and start new endeavors. So in 1998, they, along with Terry Martindale (hence the H & M) got together in a partnership and bought the business from Weldon Reynolds, since he was venturing on to new endeavors himself. Well, after a few years, Terry found something else he enjoyed more, so now Doug runs the business solely with the help of his right hand lady, his daughter Eileen Sessions. That’s right, Charlotte is Doug’s sweetheart, but within the business his daughter “is his everything” as Doug would put it. “H & M now stands for Her & Me”, Doug says.

They specialize with anything to do with excavation, including: sewer systems, roads, hauling gravel, snow removal (this is handy to know with all of the snow lately), cleaning out ditches for canal companies, digging for foundations for new homes, and the list goes on!

So if you see Doug going down Main Street in a backhoe or a dump truck you can bet he is on his way to another job, or if you see him in his trusty ol’ blue Toyota you can bet to find Eileen in the passenger seat, as father and daughter are off to another adventure! Give them a call for all your excavation needs or possibly snow removal needs for this winter season. You can leave a message at the Hillam residence @ 652-3605 or call Doug’s cell phone @ 351-1032