Fall River Propane

Fall River Propane

In the early part of the new millennium, the Cooperative had also been investigating the possibility of going into the business of providing propane. The Cooperative was moving forward on its intent to provide this service for its members, and at firs,t it was created as a subsidiary department of Fall River Electric.

Fall River Propane, was formed. Personnel were hired and equipment was purchased, and the propane entity was off and running.

A manager was needed, so in September of 2001, J. T. Hill, who had been a member of the Board of Directors for several years, but was a qualified candidate, decided to apply for the position of manager of the new propane division. The board accepted his application, so it was necessary for him to resign as a member of the governing body of the Cooperative. His resignation was given on September 10, 2001, and he became the manager of the propane division. In 2003, it was determined that the propane division would operate better as a unique entity, separate from Fall River Electricthough still owned by the Cooperative, and Fall River Enterpriseswas formed as a “for profit” company. A three member board of directors was selected for Fall River Enterprises, and it was decided that Fall River Electric’s General Manager would always be a standing member of this board.

The new propane company provided installation, repair, and delivery, and prided itself on its good service reputation. By efficient management and attention to area needs, the propane company saw a 10% growth rate in its first year, and has maintained this growth rate each year thereafter, even through a downturn in the national economy. Public relations have been stressed, and the employees are very active in community activities. That, plus good marketing strategies, have made the company a success. One year ago, the propane board increased from three to five members, and the business continues to grow. The success of the company has relied on a well-earned reputation for excellent service and dependability.