Jolley Camper R.V. and Cottages

The Jolley Camper R.V. and Cottages

Mackey and Teri Jolley have moved from Lehi, UT to wonderful Ashton, ID, and have purchased what was once known to us as Jessen’s R.V. Ten years ago Eva Lenz who is Teri’s grandmother, was selling her property and they started playing with the idea of moving to Ashton. But a new adventure in life wasn’t to be at that time. So they continued their occupations in Lehi, UT. Mackey was a brick and block mason, and Teri was a high school teacher. Even though the timing wasn’t right, they still vacationed here with their two daughters ages 8 & 4 to visit family. Last year the opportunity became available. So they jumped ship, fell in love with Jessen’s R.V., purchased it and moved to Ashton!

Jolley Camper R.V. and Cottages offer 14 R.V. hook-ups, open lawn for tent camping, and 3 cottages which they have worked really hard on this spring updating and remodeling. Each cottage sleeps 4 with a shower/toilet bathroom, and a mini-fridge. They are very cozy, comfortable, and beautiful! The campground offers public facilities for showering, bathroom, and a laundry room. There is a lot of lovely shade and a gorgeous view of the Tetons! There is plenty of space for family parties, reunions, receptions, etc. They also offer to recycle for campers.

The Jolley’s are hoping in the future to add a pavilion to the campground and bring some grassroots Shakespeare plays and concerts to entertain us all in the future.

Mackey and Teri “feel very lucky to be a part of our community and to be a business in Ashton!” They said, “There is enough business for everybody so we want to work to keep people in Ashton!” They are excited to work together with other businesses in town and to be a part of our community. The girls will start school this fall at Ashton Elementary and Teri will be the new English teacher for North Fremont Junior High.

So if you have family coming to the area and need some extra camping space, make a reservation at Jolley Camper R.V. and Cottages! They are eager to serve you!

Reservations can be made by calling 208-652-CAMP(2267). Check out their website at or email them at [email protected]