Dallas Hill - SilverCreek Realty Group

Dallas Hill - SilverCreek Realty Group

If you are looking at buying, selling, or investing in property in the Eastern Idaho region, Dallas Hill highly recommends hiring a Realtor. Doing so brings great advantages. The biggest advantage is having a stress-free transaction using an industry professional. Dalllas Hill feels that having an experienced professional gives you the advantage during negotiation, you also have access to the widest and most accurate local resources, and peace of mind as contracts and other documents are drafted and signed. Dallas has a tip; simply hiring an agent is not the solution. In the same way not all teachers, bosses, handymen, lawyers and doctors are not the same, hiring the right agent is also important. Not all agents are alike. Some agents use smooth talking and high-pressure sales tactics which leads to poor experiences. In an effort to provide the right alternative, Dallas Hill offers a better way to approach the real estate market.

Dallas Hill is a local realtor for Silvercreek Realty Group, and firmly believes that the most important resource in life is people. Therefore, how we treat people matters more than any other priority. To get anywhere in life we need help from good people. Good people care about helping others succeed; they are honest, hard-working, trustworthy, and caring. Dallas Hill’s entire business model revolves around being the kind of person people want to seek out.

In the real estate world, transactions happen every day that affect families, portfolios, wealth, and savings. These are important personal assets that cannot easily be replaced. That is why Dallas focuses so much on exhibiting
integrity. At the end of any day, Dallas Hill knows that treating people right is more important than anything else.

Dallas Hill was born in Driggs, Idaho, and raised in Jackson Hole. His grandfather was a lifelong Idaho farmer in Driggs. He fondly recalls the summers he spent working on the farm and the deep appreciation he gained for the contribution of Idaho farmers, and for their values that established this region. In Jackson, Wyoming, Dallas enjoyed the natural landscape surrounding the Snake River area.

He understands and appreciates those who are buying, developing retirement homes, vacation homes, and places established as others come to enjoy our beautiful outdoors. Dallas, his wife, and their small family moved to Ashton a few years ago. He is thankful to be raising his young family in a community like Ashton.

Dallas has been a realtor for the past 2 years and has worked with many other agents. Learning from other agents about what they did and what he didn’t like, Dallas Hill prides himself on customer service. He will work hard for you through every phase of purchase or selling your home/property. As of now, he is specializing in selling/buying residential-single or multi-family dwellings, land-developed & undeveloped, and farms/ranches.

Dallas is currently looking for more listings. Currently there is a high demand in the market with an inventory shortage. As he and his client’s set up their home for showings or walk through a home together, he will use his unique touch to help them reach their goals.

As you are searching for help in the real estate market, Dallas invites you to call or email him for a personal, no-pressure meeting. He will show you market data, current listings, recently sold listings, and discuss how this information can empower you as you team up on the market together.


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