Yellowstone Golf Resort @Aspen Acres RV Park

Yellowstone Golf Resort @Aspen Acres

Over fifty years ago Art and Velma Anderson came to the Ashton area. When winter came they went down to California. While there they learned how to play golf. They came back to Ashton, went out to Squirrel, took a bulldozer and built the first 2 holes of Aspen Acres Golf Course in 1965. Over the years they added more holes and R.V. spaces. Purchased just a couple of months ago by Billy Stronks and his friends, Joseph Corbett and Deveren Farley, Yellowstone Golf Resort @ Aspen Acres RV Park has a new name, new owners, and a bright new future. The new name, Yellowstone Golf Resort @ Aspen Acres RV Park is a brilliant way to market. Think of how often Yellowstone is “Googled.” They are now offering some new management specials. This year for Seniors they are offering a $150/year pass; kids 12 and under are $50; high school pass of $75; college pass of $100; and an adult pass is $250/year. They have been very busy mowing the greens and making everything ship shape for your enjoyment. You can bet that in the future Yellowstone Golf Resort @ Aspen Acres RV Park will be just that;  a resort. There will be a place to eat out in the future and more cabins and cottages for places to stay, just in case you don't have your own RV. There is a lot to look forward to at Yellowstone Golf Resort @ Aspen Acres RV Park. This is sure to be a destination of all who come to the area. With Yellowstone Golf Resort @ Aspen Acres RV Park being at a prime location to visit the majestic Yellowstone National Park, you can bet there will be a lot in store for this beautiful place.

We at the Ashton Area Chamber of Commerce are excited to see these young businessmen take the time and effort to provide a fun place to golf, camp, and enjoy your family and friend’s company. Until the new changes are made, they are excited for many of you who enjoy golfing to come and give Yellowstone Golf Resort @ Aspen Acres RV Parka try this summer. The greens are all freshly mowed and are eagerly waiting for the many golfers to come out and give her a try.

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